There might be nothing ironic in what I will write here. Just a collection of thoughts more or less related to this blog. I started this blog to share my doodles with those who could not get their hand on printed versions. I don't even know if it is possible to get a printed version of the Georgia Today in the US. Back in December neither the Messenger, not GT posted cartoons on the web version of their paper, so it went live. I never intended this blog to be exclusively "political/editorial cartoon" blog, but rather a place to dump all those ink drawings I do.

I am going to try and put a very non-political one here, see if it blows up in my face :)

Irony however, is how some people end up on my blog. Comments section seems to be exclusively empty, so I resorted to Google analytics. There is an interesting part of those analytics that tells you about people who find your site through Google search. It gives you the term they used. Last couple months I have seen odd combinations, sometimes so odd that I am shocked that this blog come up in the list of results. Not this week. It seems a bit "normal" this week. However, here's the list of searches for last few days:

  • cartoon georgia maps

  • georgia khachapuri

  • georgia tuday

  • georgian diasporas

  • multiplex solutions + swiss

  • roofing cartoons

I am curious if any of those people meant to see my cartoons. But they did click the link as it came up. For most of those terms is actually on the first page. Roofing cartoons? Strange...

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Anonymous said...

you would be surprised what comes up under after a Google Images search.