Khinkali for NATO

Couple more days and we will see what is boiling in the pot for Georgia. I have heard that it quite possible that Georgia will get the MAP, and Putin will not be in Bucharest during the summit. Instead he will meet Bush in Sochi. I was told, Mr. Putin does not want to be there when Georgia gets the invitation.

Hunger strike vs fasting

This cartoon ran in the Messenger last week. I felt somewhat uncomfortable touching religion, but feel justified taking into consideration the fact that the Patriarch got involved in politics himself. My personal opinion is that the religion should stay out of politics, period. What we saw was a very reason church has to stay out of politics - it ended up in the middle, both sides claiming something that was never really there.

Religion was first brought up by Tbilisi's mayor though, as far as I know. He has been out of media attention for quite a while, and after couple months he made a "hunger strike is un-Christian" statement. A friend asked if I knew why hunger strike is un-Christian, and I do not. I have theories, but none of them seem plausible enough to share.

This cartoon did cause a little trouble - not as bad as Danish Islam-related cartoon did - between the owner and the editor of the newspaper. Well, it ran and I have not received any threatening phone calls just quite yet...

Welcome to Bucharest

There are only couple weeks left before the summit and some have their hopes a bit too high. There are a few countries that oppose the idea of Georgia being handed MAP, some are neutral, some want it and will support it. The real question is, will Bush's support make real difference? Possibly they will create a new status for Georgia and Ukraine, or tell both to wait a couple years and "re-apply"? Whatever the option, it is not very likely that Georgia will be getting a MAP this time around...

How to finance Misha's promises

They had to find a way to finance all those promises he made, did not they? It seems that slashing military budget is not an option, so new money was needed, so more property will be sold off - to finance at least some of the budget adjustments. There are a few problems with the change they introduced, they claim that economy will grow even more than expected, and inflation will stay at 8%. Last two months, inflation has been close to 12%, but annual will somehow manage to stick to 8%? Even with dollar taking a beating, inflation seems to be still high, what happens when dollar turns around and gets stronger? What happens when housing market blows in Tbilisi?

State of Opposition

Unfortunately, this is already outdated - opposition has fallen apart even more, and more new parties have been formed. They cannot agree whose resignation they want, about elections, about hunger strike, about this, about that...

Georgia in a nutshell


back to business, a bit over a year later, Tbilisi airport loses part of the roofing again. This is what Misha said on February 7th, 2007: "This is one of the best airports in Europe. Two years ago I promised to have it and we have done it. This airport is much better than the airport in Brussels, or the airport in Munich." Was he serious? Has he been to Munich airport at all? Well, I don't think Munich airport loses roofing on an annual basis.

Welcome to the domain of Turkish quality, sugar coated with Georgian lies.