Hunger strike vs fasting

This cartoon ran in the Messenger last week. I felt somewhat uncomfortable touching religion, but feel justified taking into consideration the fact that the Patriarch got involved in politics himself. My personal opinion is that the religion should stay out of politics, period. What we saw was a very reason church has to stay out of politics - it ended up in the middle, both sides claiming something that was never really there.

Religion was first brought up by Tbilisi's mayor though, as far as I know. He has been out of media attention for quite a while, and after couple months he made a "hunger strike is un-Christian" statement. A friend asked if I knew why hunger strike is un-Christian, and I do not. I have theories, but none of them seem plausible enough to share.

This cartoon did cause a little trouble - not as bad as Danish Islam-related cartoon did - between the owner and the editor of the newspaper. Well, it ran and I have not received any threatening phone calls just quite yet...

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