post-"NATO summit" impressions

There is a saying that after battle people swing fists. In our case, I expected more of pointing fingers, rather then fists. Unfortunately it did not turn out as bad. At least the government managed to sell the result of the summit to Georgian public as a success. Blame whoever you want...

Russia does not veto NATO. Yeah, right... And Germany is willing to stop getting gas from Russia if Russia says that Georgia's NATO membership is a problem, right? Who are we kidding, they have more than a veto power, they have fuel.

That brings us to a logical conclusion - what happens to NATO when members cannot decide what the priorities are?

Wasn't it fun? Months and months, we were all preparing for the day when in Bucharest, at the NATO summit, Georgia would be presented the Membership Action Plan. All we got was a communique with a promise. What now?

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