I did this cartoon for the Messenger as an alternative to the one in the previous post (the map one). But it got refused. Refused is probably too harsh of a word. It was not found to be as humorous as expected. However, intention was not humorous, it was bitter sarcasm. It was a pun on lapse of judgment on the city government's part. One does probably need to have some prior knowledge of the situation to get the cartoon.

City hall is in the middle of the city, with side streets always crowded and building being quite small. Somewhat logical decision was made to move most of the city services to an office building in a different part of town that would be able to better accommodate those who work there. Unfortunately, there was a big (and I mean big) lapse in judgment - a huge office building, and no parking lot, a 14+ floors of offices, and people have to use street parking? Building is right by a round-about which in the middle of the day is more or less a makeshift parking lot. It is ironic that the office that is supposed to work on traffic congestion issues creates traffic jams, instead of trying to get rid of them.

There is a long list of lapses, it's not really suitable for just one post. I have an idea that I have to put down on paper. Another one is the airport roofing issue when Turks claimed that they were not aware of existence of strong winds in Tbilisi. It was already discussed in this post.

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