First of all, thanks for visiting the blog. It is an attempt to make my hobby available a bit more widely than it it currently is. Newspaper that is only available in Tbilisi, does not seem big enough of the market.

I never really thought of drawing cartoons. I have been sketching little things here and there. Sometimes to pass time, sometimes to express this or that feeling. However, in last couple months there have been a few event that made my hobby a bit more prominent. I started doing editorial cartoons. Some get published, some get rejected, and some just do not make it because of space in the paper. As newspapers do not put them online, and there was interest from a friend to see them online, I figured why not.

It all started with a friend of mine, Winston, asking to do a sketch for a cover story of the newspaper he edits. The Messenger's artist was on vacation and Winston figured, as someone mentioned that I do drawing well, I should do it. I am not really sure where and how he heard that I am good at it, but it was good enough to get me started.

So far, I've done only two of the cover ones. I think they got disappointed with the second one and decided that the front page is not my playground. It did not stop me though. I do not remember how did I switch to editorial cartoons, either Winston asked me to do one, or I pitched it in, and he bit it. The first one was based on a rumor that was being spread around and seemed alright. Next one happened to be Winston's all time favorite, and so it went on. All of those I will post individually with a little background blurb. Many, if not all cartoons are political. If you do not enjoy them, please, please let me know how I can improve. I will not go back and change existing ones, but I will certainly take comments into account for future ones.

Second reason happened to be the political turmoil in the country. I am wondering if things did not get crazy if I would do any. I never thought of doing it before, so why would decide to do it now?

As of right now, I do weekly editorial cartoons for two publications, daily The Messenger's Friday issue usually, and the weekly Georgia Today. Political situation has been very "friendly" for expressing creatively, so hopefully it will continue. My intention is to post my cartoons here. I have yet to determine the frequency of posting, something between biweekly to weekly seems appropriate for now. That of course I flood it with cartoons I have done already last couple months.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come again!

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