Georgia Today - November 16, 2007

First week for me in Georgia Today, I was quite surprised when after giving them five options of cartoons to pick from, they said that would be printing four. Here are the four.

The week after the police used tear gas, rubber bullets, stream of water and other arsenal of non-lethal weapons available to them, justifications kept on coming from the government, that did not sound very convincing. Using "they do it like this in the West" should not be used to justify anything.

Within days of announcing upcoming presidential elections, coalition of opposition parties managed to come up with one candidate to represent all ten parties. It did not last long, Shalva Natelashvili of the Labor Party was the first one to withdraw from the coalition and declare that he has better chances than anyone else.

Tbilisi water authority was sold, without much noise. Half a dozen companies had a runoff, and oddly enough, offer with the third best price was accepted. Justification from the government body responsible for the decision was in line with "they promised to keep prices intact for two years" and "they will invest additional 350 million dollars in Georgia". First one makes sense, the second one means that the company will buy up more property.

What makes the deal shady is the fact that other companies are in water business, while Multiplex Solutions is a Swiss registered company, created in 2005. No additional information was available, and government refuses to provide any.

During opposition protests some people used the play of words as their slogan. Interestingly enough, word "Roses" is the same as "You are falling"...

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