nation of thugs

I find it painful to look at immediate consequences of elections. All the "nasty" stuff that would definitely disturb the National Movement's reelection was introduced right after new parliament took oath.

We learned after elections that the building next to the city hall that in any other country would be considered a historical monument is being demolished to give way to another bank headquarters. Bank Republic does not like the "ultra modern" building they have on Ateni street any more it seems, they want to be closer to Gigi. What pisses people off even more is that according to some sources owners of the deelopment company involved are two men who happen to be fathers of MPs from the National Movement.

And, all of a sudden street vending is an offense again after four months of a break. Worst of all, police started acting like thugs. Incident that I witnessed does not take place in a democratic society.

Old woman was selling herbs on the street, while dealing with a client policeman knocks off hrebs from her hand and grabs the bag with the produce to walk off with it. As the customer shouts "do you have no shame", he shouts back "go deal with your family, or I will round you up with them". People stood and stared. People did not dare speak up during communism, and they do not dare to speak up now either.

In defense of an old woman who is forced to live on a pension that would not buy her more than bread and butter for the whole month, she is probably not even making 10 dollars a day after she pays for gas and electricity and phone and sanitation. What can profit margin on herbs be?

As policemen get paid steady 500-600 GEL salary, they start to forget what those people go through. And leave their sense of respect of elders at the last supra they visited.

Street vending is unclean and gives the city an "oriental" feel that "we" are apparently very strongly opposing. First of all, Tbilisi was never a "European" city - it has a meidan, it has a karavansarai, it has a middle eastern feel to it. Never mind European or not, when you demolish a market and force people into space that is one tenth of the original space, you will have rogues that either cannot efford expensive spots in the new market or simply cannot find any. These rogues supply to us food that is either overpriced elsewhere or cannot be located easily. I will not go to Goodwill to buy cilantro and dill.

Oh, you have to see the export grade cilantro and dill Georgia produces. It is something completely different. We just do not deserve them, you simply cannot get them, they go to Ukraine, Baltics and Eastern Europe...

Welcome to the nation of thugs!

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jibs said...


If you were to ask someone in charge and responsible for this incident, you know what would be the answer?

1. It never happened.
2. The confidence in police is higher than in some of the states in USA.
3. People gift flowers to police for protecting them, and how could that incident ever take place?

There is a certain type of freedom these guys have been talking about for the last 4 years, and it seems it's freedom to do what they want and get away with it. And it is indeed discouraging when you contrast such events with the official rhetoric of surging towards democracy, protecting human rights, etc.

What is to be done, in words of the man in charge, Misha:

"The only way to make it successful is to release internal energy. The only way to release internal energy is through freedom, and freedom comes with democracy - as simple as that.”

So when you release the internal energy on the old lady, that's when the freedom and democracy interact... -- do what you want, and get away with it.

*** Only thing: make sure no one films you in the meantime...