nothing says gutsy, like standing up to a bully

Not much to say here - Georgia asks for an apology and monetary compensation. As I expected, almost a week later, no one speaks of it. Not only that, Russians did not even bother responding to it, at least I did not see it in the breaking news section.


Anonymous said...

One day a miracle will happen and Russians will actually transfer some cash to Georgians for one demage or the other - this indeed will be a "historical date".

I like your drawings.

Vladimer Shioshvili said...

Irakli, you seem to have more hope than I do. Thanks for the comment.

Khatia Caroline said...

Nobody will give us honey, but i think we should not give up for asking it :) It's not honey, but reason why we need honey always present.

But ... no idea ... or too much in one another mixing ideas at this moment :) can't write more and nobody is asking too :) so i can leave quite :)