Here's what Bagapsh said according to article
Abkhaz leader, Sergey Bagapsh, instructed the breakaway region’s government to develop a comprehensive plan on how the authorities could help foster repatriation of ethnic Abkhazians.

“We do not need Abkhazia without Abkhazians,” he said at a meeting with senior Abkhaz officials from the executive and legislative authorities on May 6, Apsnipress reported.

He said that “numerous trips” by Abkhaz officials and representatives of the Abkhaz intelligentsia to Turkey failed to result into “mass repatriation” of ethnic Abkhazians to the breakaway region.

I wonder why repatriation would not take place. Would it have anything to do with the fact that parts of Abkhazia are militarized? Or is it that it has not been rebuilt yet, and buildings are in shoddy condition? Or is it that Georgians are threatening to take action against anyone who illegally comes into possession of IDP property? Or maybe it has something to do with Abkhaz in Turkey feeling better living in Turkey, compared to potential of a Russian dominated war-zone?

I really wonder...

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Khatia Caroline said...

Your last sentence is explanation and main reason I think. Most of them feel them self with Abkhazians on issue against Georgians, but it don't mean that they even understand one another now a days well. Both sides are too separated from one another. Abkhaz from Turkey can't understand why, shortly, so much Russia instead of Abkhazia in Abkhazia?! and Abkhaz from Abkhazia don't understand why so much Turkey? And I even notice kind of dislikeness. So who will move in such unsecured place?(how society is and will develop, which direction, what about peace? what (if) kind of country it want to be etc.)