To quote Winston (editor of the Messenger): Layered, like a fine achma...

Misha made his main priority for the second round of his presidency to be fight against poverty, yet first thing that he unveiled as a newly-reelected president of Georgia, was a new addition (or swap, to be exact) to military - M4 rifle. While advantage of M4 is debatable (not just simply compared to AK-47, but to other NATO ammunition options), such a commitment will be costly. I am not aware of all the details of the swap (e.g. scale), but it will not be cheap to purchase new rifles, all ammunition and equipment, and retrain soldiers. It is very likely that swap has been planned long time ago (months probably) and is was a logic continuation, but displaying new weapons at the inauguration ceremony does not fit into the whole "fight against poverty". If it were me, I would... Well, if I knew what would make sense both fiscally and politically, I would be the president, wouldn't I?

Going back to Winston's quote, he asked about Russia. It is indirectly referenced in the piece. Solution to Georgia's poverty is directly related to Russia, we may brag about our independence, but at the end of the day, grapes go sour, tangerines and oranges rot, and Georgians stay in poverty.

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