State of Georgian Constitution

Misha won, but is was not a complete victory. He failed to convince people that the parliamentary elections should take place in autumn, as opposed to Spring of 2008. Keep in mind that, I was not around to see last two weeks of campaigning and cannot really say if he even mentioned election timing in his anti-poverty crusade. Pro-Misha billboards that are still around, two weeks after he was declared a winner, do not mention anything, and I do not remember hearing anything.

It is guaranteed that there will be amendments, even though plebiscite is non-binding, government promised that people decision will guide their actions. Yes, government does not always keep promises, but this one is not something to joke about. It is unlikely that the government wants another bloodshed, as there will be one if there are no elections this spring. Spring elections needs Winter/Spring 2008 amendments. There will most likely be other set of amendments that Misha's National Movement will most likely push through. They can achieve it by holding more than enough seats to get anything voted for. Question I have is, are they smart enough to stop before they piss off people? Leading party can be arrogant and many times that translates into "we will do what we wish to do", that does not always coincide with people's wishes.

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